Audrey's Chia Cookies and Toppers from Health Harvest

10 Things You Might Not Know About Chia in Honor of National Chia Day 


March 23rd is National Chia Day!  Chia seeds are at the heart of Audrey’s Chia Cookies thanks to the tiny seeds’ mighty powers and  amazing benefits, such as improving stamina and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. When Audrey started incorporating chia into her diet while training for her first marathon she realized the effect they had on her body and was able to combine them with her favorite treat — a crunchy, crispy cookie, that we all get to enjoy today.

In honor of National Chia Day, consider these fun facts next time you take a bite into one of these chia filled cookies.


  1. Chia seeds are healthy for dogs. Did you know feeding your pets chia will help them grow a healthy coat? Certain breeds are allergic to fish oils and have to be on strict diets but chia is safe for all dogs. Chia seeds can easily be added into dog food and offer the nutrients needed to keep your happy pets healthy.
  2. Chia seeds have more Omega 3s compared to any other plant food.  A lot of people assume flax seeds are where you can find the most, but chia seeds have higher levels. In less than four ounces you can already have 18 grams of Omega 3s.
  3. Chia seeds come from the Salvia Hispanica plant originated from Central and South America.  They are part of the mint family. These seeds go all the way back to the Aztec and Mayan Indians. During their time, chia seeds were used to sustain energy and endurance.
  4. Chia seeds help control blood sugar. Chia seeds have been shown to be a helpful treatment for diabetes because they can slow down your digestion. Also, when they are exposed to liquid the gel-like texture will help prevent spiking blood sugar levels.
  5. One tablespoon of chia gives your body five grams of fiber. Fiber is found in plant- based foods and is great for your digestive health. You can add more fiber to your diet easily with just a little bit of chia.
  6. Chia seeds are great for your teeth and bones. Chia has a high calcium content which is necessary for the strength of your teeth and bones. It also contains magnesium, phosphorus and protein which are just as important to the health of your body. These nutrients help build your bones and prevent bone loss in adulthood.
  7. Chia is versatile. When chia is covered with water they become jelly-like and can expand up to 12 times their original size and weight. They can be eaten as the seed, like in Audrey’s cookies or they can be soaked and added to porridge, pudding and drinks.
  8. Chia can be used for beauty purposes. Chia seeds offer amazing benefits such as increased hydration within the body. However, it can also be used as a hydrating treatment on your skin. The antioxidants within them help fight aging, soothe inflammation and keep your skin glowing.
  9. Chia is a beneficial egg replacement.  Due to the variety of textures chia seeds have, they are a good egg replacement for vegan diets. If you mix it with water and let it sit, the chia will become gel-like. This replacement can be used when baking or just as an alternative to dairy.
  10. Chia seeds have a long shelf life. Chia seeds can last up to two years without being refrigerated. Not bad for a natural, unprocessed superfood. It’s important to keep it in a dry place away from heat, but as long as you keep it sealed you are able to enjoy the power of chia for a long time.



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