Audrey's Chia Cookies and Toppers from Health Harvest

Audrey's Chia Cookies Keep Kids Fueled with Healthy Nutrients

Finding the perfect balance between letting the kids have a sweet treat and wanting them to eat healthy can be hard.  Lucky for moms, Audrey's Chia Cookies make it a little easier. 

Fortunately, Audrey's Chia Cookies are a better-for-you great that kids love.  They are all-natural, created with top quality ingredients and contain the superstart, superfood - chia seeds.  

Because of the wide range of benefits in chia seeds, these cookies are a snack moms can feel good about.  Chia seeds contain vital proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, fats, and minerals your body needs, making them live up to their title of superfood.  

Whether they are in kindergarten or high school, kids need all the nutrients they can get as they continue to grow, learn and explore.  Chia seeds can help with hydration, stamina, blood sugar, brain function and energy, all in one seed.

Chia seeds help with hydration by absorbing 10 times their weight in water and helping the body retain electrolytes.  From playing sports, socializing on the playground, or running around the neighborhood, hydration is important for kids to maintain, especially in the Arizona heat.

With all that physical activity, it's also important to keep children's bodies fueled.  Chia seeds slow the rate of carbohydrate conversion into sugar and contain Niacin and Thiamin, which metabolize carbohydrates into usable energy to keep them moving all day long.

When it comes to school, it can be hard for kids to stay focused and energized until that last bell rings.  Chia seeds can support brain function by energizing the nervous system, creating serotonin, and promoting greater focus and clarity for those long days of learning.

Audrey's Chia Cookies can be paired with lunch, dinner or even taken as an on-the-go weekend snack for kids and adults alike.

Who knew one small seed could be so mighty?  Not only do chia seeds have many health benefits, but Audrey's cookies taste great too, so you'll find your kids continue to ask for more! 


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