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Tips to Boost Immunity 

Immunity is of the utmost importance during this unprecedented pandemic, and while the spread of COVID-19 has affected our entire community, there are still several ways you can help to keep your body healthy and happy during this time. 

We are wishing our neighbors, friends, family and supportive customers the best and hope these tips to keep your immune system strong will bring some peace during these challenging times. 

  • Manage stress levels through breathing exercises and meditation. 

During times of uncertainty, it’s normal to be more stressed than usual. Help yourself calm down by focusing on your breathing. If you have a hard time with this there are plenty of affordable and free apps to help guide you! Our favorites include Headspace, Calm and Aura. Also, even if you don’t feel too stressed, you may still be experiencing some anxiety from all these changes that can manifest in weakening your immune system, making meditation a great idea for everyone!

  • Stay active

Many people have been asked to stay home to help lower the risks of spreading COVID-19, but you can still get active in your living room or by taking a jog in an open, crowd-free area. YouTube has plenty of at home workouts available to help keep your body moving. According to the CDC, doing so can help reduce anxiety, depression and chances for disease. 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly

Did you know that your hands carry between 2 and 10 million bacteria just on your fingertips? When you don’t wash your hands germs pass from person to person making it more likely to spread diseases. When washing your hands it’s important to use soap and scrub for at least 20 seconds. If that feels like too long, just sing “Happy Birthday” twice! 

  • Eat a balanced diet

What you put into your body has a huge impact on your health! Keeping a balanced diet of proteins, fruits and vegetables will help keep your bones and immune system strong. Without good nutrition your body is more prone to disease, fatigue and heart disease. That’s why eating superfoods like chia seed are so great for your health!

  • Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is an important factor in creating a strong immune system. Getting enough sleep gives your body the ability to heal itself quicker and fight off diseases. It also helps keep your brain alert. It’s recommended for adults to get at least seven hours of sleep a night. 

  • Consider supplements

There are so many ways to boost your immune system like with multivitamins and vitamin-C. While you can find many of these supplements inside of fruits and vegetables as well, during challenging times it can be helpful to boost your nutrition with extra supplements to help your immune system defend against a common cold or flu. Just make sure to get approval from your doctor (virtually, of course!) before adding a new supplement to your routine.

  • Avoid touching your face

Your hands come into contact with thousands of germs throughout the day. Touching your face will spread these germs quickly and can cause sickness. COVID-19 in particular can make it’s way into the body through the mouth, nose and ears. Some ways to break this habit is to wear gloves or glasses. The CDC also now recommends wearing a mask in public, which can help deter you from touching your face! 

Be well, healthy and happy!


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