Audrey's Chia Cookies and Toppers from Health Harvest

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"Treat Yourself Better" - Audrey

As a wife, mom, runner, and outdoor enthusiast, Audrey was constantly on the lookout for a healthy snack, but often found it challenging to satisfy her desire for an occasional, indulgent treat. It wasn't until training for a marathon that she discovered the mighty chia seed and she quickly became a true believer in its superfood power.

With newfound energy soaring, Audrey's determination to incorporate these nutrient rich seeds into her daily routine grew and she combined her passion for chia seeds with her love for a crisp, crunchy cookie to create Audrey's Chia Cookies.

Audrey's better-for-you cookies are made with premium quality ingredients and packed with chia seeds. These great tasting, crunchy cookies will satisfy your craving while providing the benefits of chia.

Thin, crispy, and delicious - Audrey's Chia Cookies are made with no artificial ingredients and no corn syrup, but contain antioxidants and provide Omega-3's!

Maintain your healthy lifestyle but satisfy that sweet tooth!

Whether you want the satisfying taste of Chocolate Chip, the perfectly nutty flavor Almond, the chocolatey taste of a Crispy Brownie, or the tangy sweetness of Lemon, your entire family will find a favorite.
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Chia seeds are one of the "performance enhancing" superfoods that actually live up to the "hype" that surrounds new health discoveries.
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Known as the "Chia Queen"— Audrey is a mom, wife, runner, outdoor enthusiast, and entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing healthy and joy to all of her customers! Made with Love!
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