Audrey's Chia Cookies and Toppers from Health Harvest

Audrey’s Chia Cookies

About our super founder and superfood Chia

Not long ago, Audrey started training to run her first marathon at age 50. Today, she can lay claim to being a 26.2 mile race runner, while others claim she is the Chia Queen.

Meet Audrey Martinez, the Chia Queen and founder of Audrey’s Chia Cookies. Her story is an inspirational journey of balancing life as a mom, wife, runner, and now a business owner. Her path is centered around a simple wish for everyone: “treat yourself better.”

Do you know about the benefits of Chia seed?

You need to know the superfood power of Chia.

Beyond nutritious, Chia seeds - one of the “performance-enhancing” superfoods that are living up to the hype that surrounds new health discoveries. Learn what Chia Seeds can do for you.

Eating a cookie could improve stamina, endurance, hydration, cardio, and wellness while boosting a youthful-looking appearance when it's full of Chia. Read about the many benefits of Chia seeds.

The recognition of Chia as a superfood is recent, but the power of these tiny seeds earning names of “miracle seeds,” “super seeds,” “magical seeds,” and “the food of endurance runners” is steeped in history. Take a look back at the Chia seed to better understand why their spotlight as a superfood is well deserved.


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